Video Door Call System

We are living in an unpredictable world where safety and security is quite vulnerable. There is no other way other than taking precautionary measures for our safety, and people who leave it for later often fall victim to malicious events. Therefore it becomes utmost important for us to take some steps to ensure the safety and security of our home and family. Fortunately, with the advancements of technology, many electronic products have come up in the market which ensures safety. Video Door Phones from OESS is one of the best replacements for traditional doorbells to keep unwanted visitors away from our home.

Video Door Phone is an intercom system that are used to make calls from the entrance of a building so as to communicate with visitors without any physical contact and allow them entry only if you wish to. Video door phones can easily be integrated with Access Control system, Intrusion Alarm System and Home Automation solutions for integration security and safety purpose.

Elements of Video Door Phone
Video Door Phones consist of two elements - Outdoor station and Indoor Panel. Outdoor panel is installed at the entrance gate which consists microphone, speaker, camera and a push button where as indoor panel consist of display panel including microphone, speaker; where you can view and communicate with the visitor. Also through a push of button you can grant access to the visitor.

Wireless Video Door Phone Systems
Wireless Video Door Phone Systems are more convenient and easy to use electronic gadgets. Users prefer the wireless door phone systems as it is easy to install and easy to operate even in your absence. This system allows people to communicate through Wi-Fi and hence it helps to keep your security technologies hidden. The absence of wires also makes it more elegant.

With a wireless door bell you can answer the calls even when you are not at home. Once you are away, the phone camera connected to an app gets activated and hence allows you to answer the calls remotely and speak to the visitors.

Features to Look for while choosing Video Door Phone System The Video Door Phone System should be durable and thus chose only those systems which are weather resistant. Always look for VDPs which have their speakers marked as waterproof and weatherproof.

The camera lens of the Video Door Phone must be having protection in strong case and must be robust enough to withstand any attempt of tampering. Also, it shall be easily integrated with alarm system so that it can alert if anyone tries to tamper it anyway. Lastly, the system must have both visual and non-visual communication method. So that, even the camera stops functioning, the communication via speaker continues. OES Systems provides long range of video door phone systems with latest features and technologies. Users demand a smart system and hence we provide them with smart solution. With wise usage, the video door phone systems can help you to ensure the safety and security of your home and family.